2048 is a simple gray 4 × 4 grid, numbered tiles, slide smoothly when the player moves, they use the four arrow keys. for each turn, a new tile will appear randomly in the position of one panel of the blank to a value of 2 or 4. to the direction of sliding tile as selected until they are by the side of another tile or grid stopped. If two bricks move the same number of collisions, they will be merged into one and two tiles, tile collided total value. is another tile tile can not be combined in the same movement. Score high brick a soft light.

At the top right of the scoreboard to track the user's score. The user's score from scratch, and incremental, when two tiles combined to value the new tile. and many arcade games, the best results in the current user's score.

The game is won in a 2048-watt panel will appear, thus the name of the game. After reaching the target score, players can continue in the sandbox mode, continue beyond 2048. The maximum possible W is 131072 (or 217); the maximum possible score of 3,932,156; the maximum number of mobile to 131,038. When the player does not have a legitimate operation (no empty space and have the same value no adjacent tiles), the game ends.

Simple game mechanics (four directions) allows it to be used for attitude control muscle captain's armband notice, available code below allows it to be used as a programming assistant teaching, and a coding competition in the first exchange in MATLAB two is an artificial intelligence system, will play 2048 itself.